Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ray Chinese School

Experiencing Chinese Culture and Cuisine: Ray Chinese School and Mapo Chinese restaurant
Noon: orientation-Community Cathering Room, Main Level, Kiekhofer
12:30 Leve NCC: LAC parking lot
12:45 Get to Ray Chinese School by school van
1:00 School tour
1:50 Meet with their students, teachers and parents
2:30 Mapo Chinese restaurant (Pecking duck and lunch special, and lean how to order in Chinese)
4:00 Get back to NCC: parking lot

Vocab:Chinese food
How many
What is this
I want...
Very tasty
Bill, please

Culture: the names of Chinese dishes
People/location's name +material:Zuo Zong Ji
Sichuan Niu
Xiang Su Ya
Kao Ya